Cru Von Holtzandorff-Fehling


About Cru Von Holtzandorff-Fehling

CRU VON HOLTZENDORFF-FEHLING Co-Founder & Partner, Executive Chef Classically trained in Germany, Cru’s mentor was Michelin Star winning and widely renowned Chef Armin Karrer. His influence permeated her unique skill set, impeccable standards and exquisite taste in a way that, coupled with her own creativity and respect for purity, shaped her in the idyllic leader for our kitchen. Cru’s vision as a chef is truly an asset for the company, but it is her vision for life that makes her an irreplaceable resource. Her passion for cooking is matched only by her passion for helping others to live a holistically healthy, balanced and positive life, which she does through her coaching practice for clients all over the world. This is the passion that lives in the food and will live in the experience at each of our locations. She inspires the entire team daily with her message of real people, real food and real healthiness in mind and body.