Mike Johnson


About Mike Johnson

Mike has always considered himself a pacifist. As a child, his father told him never to hit anyone in anger, unless he was absolutely sure he could get away with it. Mike started cooking in several Saint Louis restaurants at a young age. Soon after high school, he moved to New Orleans and worked for a young Emeril Lagasse. He then went to work for Emeril’s friend Charlie Trotter in Chicago, and then Gabino Sotellino at Un Grand Cafe/Ambria. After that he journeyed to Chartres, France for a stint at the famed Le Buisson D’Ardent. Mike then returned to the US to work for Belgian Master Chef Daniel Joly at Mirabelle in Beaver Creek, and then on to work for Joachim Splichal from the famed Patina restaurant group’s Napa Valley outpost, Pinot Blanc. He then returned to St. Louis to design and own several of Saint Louis’s favorite restaurants, including Cafe Mira, Roxane, Barcelona, Momos, Boogaloo, El Scorcho, and several other embarrassing ones that he would like to not mention. Mike turned to barbecue after spending time with Myron Mixon from Pitmasters at his school in Unadilla, Georgia.