Mixologist, Owner

Chris Adams


About Chris Adams

While Chris Adams can currently be found jetting around the world creating acclaimed bar programs for everyone from Steve Wynn to Marriott, he did not always know his career would flourish in the hospitality industry. Born and raised in Florida, Adams planned to be in the entertainment industry. While looking for a summer job, he found a part-time gig at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes as a pool attendant and was introduced to the hospitality industry for the first time. He quickly climbed up the ladder, and went from pool attendant, to supervisor, to executive in a short amount of time, and walked away from the entertainment industry all together. After completing the first levels of the sommelier certification program, he met master bartender and beverage consultant Rick Fogel, who took him under his wing and introduced Chris to the world of high end bartending. Chris quickly fell in love with the whole industry, particularly the creativity it provided. After leaving The Ritz-Carlton, he went on to open concepts in downtown Orlando, including assisting with the development of the revitalization of Church Street Station. Two years after leaving, he was recruited back to The Ritz-Carlton to help revitalize the hotel’s Atlanta location. From there, he helped open the acclaimed Italian steakhouse Davio’s in Atlanta before being tapped to open the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. After six months in Vegas, he moved to Los Angeles and founded Ellis Adams Group. EAG is an international consulting firm that works in the areas of luxury branding, the hospitality industry, entertainment industry, fashion industry, and more. The group focuses on all aspects of businesses, including building brands, concept and design development, training, management, revenue generation, profit margin increases, and social media and digital presence. EAG’s current project list is dynamic and constantly growing. With over 30 active projects underway, some standouts include YNK, an ever changing bar experience tucked inside the Irvine Marriott; 1Kept, an Atlanta dining institution serving a blend of American Cuisine and southern influences alongside craft cocktails; and ONE118 Empire in Calgary, the premier whiskey-inspired bar and restaurant of Alberta. Additionally, Chris has played a key role in the continued evolution of Marriott’s beverage program, Bar Arts, by assisting in writing and teaching the trainings.