Pastry Chef/Baker

James Kubie


About James Kubie

James Kubie, an Atlanta native, grew up with a great appreciation of southern food. Hailing from a long line of professional cooks starting with his great grandmother Ella, who owned a diner during the Great Depression. As part of his graduate research in sculpture at SAIC, James worked in community kitchens on the Southside of Chicago that focused on maintaining the practices of traditional Afro-Cuban and Brazilian cooking. After school, James decided to devote his full attention to professional bread baking and pastry making in various kitchens around Chicago. Eventually, the desire to migrate back to the South brought James to New Orleans, where he apprenticed under Chef Zak Miller at Coquette. James now heads the pastry department, combining his love of sculpture, his baking background and his rigorous pastry training, to make beautiful, innovative desserts.

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