Chef, Owner

Anjan Mitra


About Anjan Mitra

Anjan Mitra is the co-owner with his wife Emily of DOSA. Until recently he has led the overall culinary direction of the menu as the Executive Chef along with his talented team of South Indian Chefs. Dishes on the menu are inspired by recipes from Anjan’s family, as well as the families of their team of chefs. Anjan has had varied culinary influences. He grew up in Bombay, which has the most cultural and culinary diversity in India, with people from all over country and expats from all over the world. He spent the first 19 years of his career working in high-tech. Realizing his true passion lied in food, cocktails and wine, he pursued a new entrepreneurial path as a restaurateur with a cuisine that he believed was under-represented in the U.S.

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