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Philip Hanes


About Philip Hanes

Moving Gastronomy invites diners to enjoy great food and help contribute to a better food system through showcasing fine cuisine and intelligent thinking on food. My knowledge of food is based mostly on classic French cuisine with the contemporary French applications required to provide food in three-star michelin restaurants. The professional experience I share with my peers is through classic French restaurants and schools in Philadelphia, New York, and Paris. I've had the opportunity to work for Georges Perrier, Daniel Boulud, and Eric Ripert as well as many other great teachers over the last 15 years. I have a degree in classic French cuisine from Ecole Grégoire-Ferrandi in Paris and a certificate in Food Protection from the New York City Department of Health. Because of my belief in the importance of food with regard to health, nutrition, and international development, I prioritize sourcing sustainable products and operating in an environmentally-friendly manner. This includes everything from local organic produce to recycling and composting. linkedin.com/in/philiphanes twitter.com/MovingGastronom instagram.com/movinggastronomy