Pop-Up Chef

Marietta and Perriee Labbato


About Marietta and Perriee Labbato

I grew up walking into houses that made your clothes smell like garlic when you left. I would walk into my grandparents' house to be caressed with the warmth of a working oven, a hug and a kiss and the "loaves and fishes" of a leftover lunch that would make your mouth water. My grandmother's meatballs and sauce was an all day event that you would see through anxiously to the end when you could indulge, finally! I always enjoyed cooking. In elementary school, I checked out a cookbook to make something very Mediterranean for my patient family. In college, my mom and I made my first sauce, my first chili. My sister taught me how to make black beans and rice. It was so liberating! It is a rule in our home to only cook with love. Stress and anxiety and anger seep into flavors. As a rule, we avoid preparation under those circumstances. My fiance and I are committed to transforming our home into a bed and breakfast. This will take us to that goal, but you never know, we might get stuck on this. We are an A-1 team- she is my sous chef. A true support to make sure the magic happens.