Pop-Up Chef

Tracie Parry


About Tracie Parry

I've been doing elaborate dinner parties for friends since I got my first apartment when I was 18 - the first one was based on me wanting to try out an Emeril Lagasse cookbook on friends when he was everybody's favorite celebrity chef! I'm now a rock n' roll music lawyer by day, but before law school I managed a popular high-end restaurant and catering business in L.A. (preferring to run all catering events from the kitchen, of course). My husband went to culinary school, but works as an artist, and when we met a few years ago, we ignited one another's passion for cooking even further. He asked to be my sous chef (I'd been having a different guest take on the role for each dinner in the past) and eventually became my culinary partner. We base each dinner around an ingredient we want to work with, a technique we want to learn, or a type of cuisine we want to explore. We make no profit - but our guests pitching in for the cost of goods allows us to indulge our culinary passions and most importantly, learn, learn, learn! We usually end up investing in new items for our kitchen with each dinner (espresso machine, smoking gun, ice cream maker, juicer, sous vide, every type of plate imaginable, etc), and live in an apartment that's all about entertaining (complete with wine fridge and chalkboard menu on the back of the door, counter space for 5 and no TV in the main room - just a pub table for 8). We've got an extensive culinary library from which we pull ideas, dine out avidly everywhere we travel for enjoyment and inspiration (highpoints for us have been Wolvesmouth and Gastrologik in Stockholm), and most of all love to collaborate and create new menu items together. We imported foie gras and did entirely foie gras themed menus during the ban (our take on a kids' PB&J and sliced apple lunch - the toasted foie gras and ginger jelly sandwiches with powdered peanut butter and spiralized apples - being our regulars' all-time favorite); we've spent five days making ramen (rendering fat, making shio tare, katsuobushi salt, dashi, handmade noodles and so on) for a Japanese themed dinner; we've elevated fair foods by making our own American cheese and serving it with black truffles, by creating octopus corn dogs, and by pairing deep-fried twinkies with fennel ice cream; and while we've done vegetarian dinners in the past, this month we are challenging ourselves to make an eight course vegan menu! We've got plenty of regulars who come to our events, but are looking to take it the next level and meet new like-minded people.