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About Suzanne/Cristina .

Suzanne and Cristina first met virtually, through the community cooking website Food52. Their online appreciation for one another's recipes soon turned into real life admiration, when the two women met, cooked, and ate together at a Food52-sponsered potluck. They’ve since decided to join culinary forces, with the mutual aim of creating seasonal, sophisticated, and deliriously tasty menus, somewhere to the left of ordinary. Suzanne is an avid home cook who has been lucky enough to travel extensively, enjoying food from all over the world. She is Italian, and loves cooking and eating Italian food, but also prepares dishes from other cultures, as well as American comfort food dishes. She can prepare meatloaf or Boeuf Bourguignon, any number of Persian dishes, or an Italian feast. One of her recipes was published in the Food52 Cookbook Volume II, and she's won numerous contests held by Whole Foods. Preparing a delicious meal is an art form, and Suzanne's creative outlet; she is never happier than when she is cooking! Cristina is a writer and a cook. She studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and The Institute of Culinary Education in New York, and now works as a personal chef. She is giddy-energized over real, seasonal, well-crafted ingredients. She has an MFA in Fiction from The New School University, and writes stories, recipes, and everything in between for print and online publications. Her website, theroamingkitchen.net, is home to original recipes, culinary yarns, and food photography. In her spare time, Cristina spins local dairy into custom ice creams, and works on the board of Slow Food NYC. She lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend, a Frenchman she met in Spain.