Pop-Up Chef

Lisa Tsubouchi


About Lisa Tsubouchi

Hi! My name is Lisa and I am excited to be a part of the Feastly community. I am an aspiring chef and entrepreneur. My passions lie in planning and creating - when I am not party-planning or cooking I am making ceramics, jewelry, or planting succulents. My father is a sushi chef and I basically grew up in the restaurant we used to have, so I find the food industry very comfortable. That being said, I am ready to take some risks! I like using what I have to create new things, and I also like learning about traditional home-style meals from different regions and countries. I am here on this website because I want to bring people together, improve on my cooking skills, and have a great time. Hope you will join me for a supperclub sometime! suitcasesupperclub@gmail.com