Pop-Up Chef

Yemisi Awosan


About Yemisi Awosan

Nigerian born by way of New England to New York, founder and owner of Egunsifoods, LLC. - a way to bring people together around food as they experience African Flavors! Lived in New York for 9 years, this was suppose to be for 5 years and that's it, but New York has a way of making you stay longer, right now she is loving it! Everyone ask, how do you pronounce your company name, phonetically it's pronounce A-Goo-See (the Goo sound like you will pronounce the beginning of google), not E-Gun-See. If you come to my dinner I will tell you how to pronounce my name :-) Moved to the States at age 15 and have taken the good of both cultures she grew up in and make it her own - she applies this to her food too, making authentic African food, but presenting it in ways that are familiar. Her mission is to introduce everyone to the diverse, delicious and flavorful cuisines Africa has to offer, food with flavors reminiscent of what African's in the diaspora are familiar with, but new to food enthusiasts. Her perfect day will be making wonderful creation of African cuisine, using some of the cooking techniques of other cultures she has picked up along the way, by the way this cooking will be taking place in her big kitchen which is fully stock, with an island, pot rack and all. Ending the day with her friends arriving for an evening of enjoying great meals, while building memories. These days she doesn't know how she is doing it all, by day she pours over excel spread sheets analyzing and strategizing how she can grow the business of a major retailer she works for and by night letting loose in her creativity in her cooking. She likes learning and finding new and exciting things about the food of her native land, right now she is excited to be learning how African's cuisines has contribute and influence the global culinary tapestry. To connect and introduce the many, diverse cuisines Africa has to offer to the world, while highlighting the continent's contributions and influences in the global culinary tapestry.