Pop-Up Chef

Pietro Buttitta


About Pietro Buttitta

I have spent the last 13 years in restaurant kitchens, vineyards, or in wineries making wine. Sometimes all three in the same day. As a kid I wanted to be a cook and today I am still fascinated by food and wine history, and how they interweave and overlap in Mediterranean food and wine culture. I try to bring these elements into my food whenever possible, bringing fine dining down to earth and respecting tradition while playing with it just a bit and keeping it authentic and fresh. Most of my meals will also feature my own wines, many of which I made from grapes I grow, vineyard to table. About Prima Materia: My goal is to bring wine and food together literally in the form of a small winery and restaurant called Prima Materia in the East Bay. We will focus on making wine from grapes outside the mainstream, and cooking artisanal food that preserves and explores the Old World in new and interesting ways. For more information or if you have the interest in partnering please visit the Prima Materia website. To learn more please visit: www.prima-materia.co www.rosadorovineyards.com www.archestratusconsulting.com