Pop-Up Chef

Sacha Kupelian


About Sacha Kupelian

Sacha Kupelian is a dynamic, energetic, upbeat and highly creative chef who loves to bring his passion for good food and wine to everyone. He is a Personal Chef serving the San Francisco Bay Area cooking for dinner parties and events. Being a Bay Area native he’s eaten at a wide range of eateries. Upscale restaurants with white glove waiters and an excessive number of salad forks to your local neighborhood haunts. Chef Sacha’s goal is to use the freshest products available, and to focus on the flavors and nutritional values of his ingredients. Sacha leads a lifestyle through Tae Kwon Do and upscale cuisine. He believes in preparing fresh, tasty, nutritious meals without sacrificing flavor. His emphasis is to provide delicious cuisine with a wide range of styles that include French, Italian, Pan Asian, and Middle Eastern. He believes that meals need to be prepared the right way, from scratch, using preservative free, all natural ingredients and humanely raised livestock resulting in being the best for your health and best tasting. The kitchen has always felt like home to Sacha. As as a child, he took great joy in being his mother’s helper as she cooked for friends and family. She was always a strong force in his life, inspiring and encouraging his love of cooking. When he isn't in the kitchen or in the dojo he can be found at your local farmers markets and Sonoma wineries.