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About Trilogi SF

Born in Hawaii, raised in Bangkok, and settling in San Francisco; I am fortunate to call these places home where food and culture have enriched my life greatly. Growing up in Thailand, I was always awaken to the sounds of my grandma’s kitchen where she was either making fresh curry paste from scratch or cooking up something with her small wooden charcoal stove. My inspiration in cooking is my grandma and the stories she would share with me while cooking. The gathering place in her house was always the kitchen and this place was filled with great love….great love in what she cooked, great care in the people she shared her times with, and amazing stories that started many new chapters. Trilogi SF, founded in 2014, is a joint venture created by Tessa P. and Vivien L., also an SF Native, for what they share in common, a love for good eating and seeing people coming together and having a great time. Trilogi SF is about the balance and marriage of flavors with its mission to create unforgettable dishes that will seduce your taste buds and to inspire you with stories through a journey of flavors that will create new memories to be cherished. Trilogi SF’s goal is to create the perfect gastronomical moment through simply wholesome good food and good company. So come be our guest in sharing the flavors of Trilogi SF Tessa P. https://instagram.com/trilogisf/ https://www.facebook.com/trilogisanfran/timeline http://www.trilogisf.com/