Pop-Up Chef

Rebecca Wirtel


About Rebecca Wirtel

I am from a large Italian family and food was the center of every family gathering in my life. Just the thought of a family gathering gets me excitedly thinking what I can prepare for my loved ones that will send them into food ecstasy. I learned to cook by watching my Mother and grandmothers, peering over the shoulders of other chefs and cooks and experimenting until I find the right combinations. I rarely, if ever, use a recipe but I love to look at one to see what goes into a sauce or dressing and then recreate my own. While I am not professionally trained, I have catered large events and hosted many large dinners in my home. I have never worked in a kitchen as cooking is my hobby. My passion is to be of service to people with nutritionally balanced and scrumptious food. I love to cook, Mexican, Italian, soups and stews, salads and dressings, Chicken and Beef and fish, nutritionally rounded vegetarian based meals and any breakfast you desire from B&G to omelets.