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Friday Night Lights .


About Friday Night Lights .

Friday Night Lights is a series of sophisticated Shabbat and holiday dinners that addresses the need for quality, cultural events that appeal to professional, gay Jews. Held at various locations throughout New York City, Friday Night Lights elevates the traditional Shabbat and holiday dinner by creating a refined atmosphere where like-minded gay Jewish professionals can meet, dine and exchange ideas (we like to think of each event as a blend between the urban dining society and the salon style gathering). Featuring carefully designed, seasonal menus, and paired with a selection of wines and spirits for the ultimate dining experience, each dinner showcases a different organization working to benefit the LGBTQ community. At Friday Night Lights, everyone is welcome—whether you’re observant, “just Jewish,” or not even Jewish at all! Through our unique approach of meeting gay Jews wherever they are in identity and practice, and by curating quality events that emphasize culture, environment, and fine fare, Friday Night Lights raises the bar of what a gay, Jewish event can be, and broadens the definition of what “Jewish” can look like. Friday Night Lights Events is a fiscally sponsored project of Jewish Jumpstart, through which it operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Friday Night Lights was founded in 2012 by Robert J. Saferstein.