Pop-Up Chef

Barbara Zarcone


About Barbara Zarcone

As an artist I'm interested in all things in nature, gardening is no exception. My passion for gardening and cooking came at an early age, by 5 years old I knew when to pick ripe tomatoes, late afternoon, when they're warm. And basil, early morning, when their leaves are potent with flavor and the most fragrant. I adored being in the kitchen with my Grandmother, her 5 sisters and my Mom. They had a reservoir of patience with me and were very encouraging. I might have started out grating cheese, rolling dough for pasta. But in no time, age 5, I was straining tomatoes, dredging eggplant and zucchini flowers in preparation for Grandma to fry them. I was definitely no stranger to drying dishes and setting the table either. Cooking for family and friends is very satisfying and rewarding. It feeds my creativity and brings together a community of family friends, that not only love to eat, but share their adventures. Decades ago as a art student my still-life of fruits and veggies became dinner for my room mates. It became apparent quickly that their applause encouraged me to cook our dinner nightly.. Bringing my friends and family together weekly to share a delicious meal is the highlight of my week. My dinning room table seats 8 comfortably. And I make sure it's filled to capacity.