Pop-Up Chef

Nicole Paizis


About Nicole Paizis

Devoted to cooking and entertaining, Nicole grew up in the kitchens of her mother and yiayia (grandmother in Greek), where she learned from a young age not just the value of a perfectly roasted chicken, but also the value of bringing a family together to enjoy it. With a desire to spread knowledge of the culinary arts and a fervid love for dinner parties, Nicole brings the spirit of good food and great community into kitchens and dining rooms around the San Francisco Bay Area. Nicole graduated from UCLA and managed the marketing plan of an international beauty brand before deciding to pursue her dream building a career in the culinary industry. She earned her Certification in the Culinary Arts at San Francisco Cooking School where she now teaches. Nicole spent time training in the kitchen of favorite San Francisco Restaurant, Nopa and currently works on the the line for Sunday brunch at the gorgeous Boulette's Larder. In addition to hosting culinary events, Nicole works in food styling where she is in constant pursuit of beautiful food.