Pop-Up Chef

Geri Gorski


About Geri Gorski

I have been cooking in earnest since childhood. My mother says that feeding people is in my genes. Italian, French and Mexican cuisines were my strongest early family and professional influences, but the last several decades in the San Francisco Bay Area have brought wide experimentation with seasoning, preparations, techniques and dishes from across the globe. Living in Northern California has also led to a deep appreciation for the freshest, local, organic produce and sustainable food products available. Some years ago an introduction to the Bay Area Peruvian ex-patriot community and Peruvian Cuisine brought an epiphany of sorts. I came ultimately to see that contemporary Peruvian cooking embraces a particular blend of diverse influences and a commitment to experimentation that fits my experience and perspective exceptionally well. These days I cook what I call "Tukuy Cuisine", from the Inca, Quechua, word that means variously: "all", "every", "complete" and "fully realized". Used as a verb Tukuy also means "to happen, end, become".