Pop-Up Chef

Domenique Garcia


About Domenique Garcia

We are two mama bears, each the eldest of large families and agree wholeheartedly in the ideology that it takes a village. A little about myself and where i've been, I'm a midwest transplant who has been in the area cooking for the past 10 years. From Fine dining to edibles, consulting and high end catering, you name it i've done it. Cooking is my craft and a culmination of my journey, experiences, and truly the way I connect with those around me. Mama Knows was the largest umbrella I could think of that would allow me the fluidity to transform and develop as I evolved as a craftsperson, because what doesn't Mama know? Along my journey I was aligned with my current partner, Mercedes Newton, a fellow creative, and out of the box thinker who has helped not only evolve what was, but has given her talents to help refocus and realign the intention with the vision. What started off as a popup restaurant in the Castro has transformed into what we hope to be a mindset and movement. We'd like to invite you to sit around our table, envision, discuss, break bread, and enjoy food that hits you in your feels. We are honored and humbled to serve you, welcome home.