Pop-Up Chef

Tiffany Tupper


About Tiffany Tupper

As a child in Pittsburgh, I learned to cook hearty meals from my mother, who prepared a nightly home cooked-dinner which our family of five sat around the kitchen table to share. In addition to nourishing us, she demonstrated that food connects people, and this remains my cooking creed. From my mother's working class kitchen, I learned important cooking techniques, including knife skills, baking, roasting, blanching, braising, stewing, frying, and everything in between. I learned to prepare meals that stick to your ribs—how to make the perfect roast beef and mashed potatoes, green beans amandine, and cheesecake. As I became older, my palate expanded based on my exposure and experiences. My career has taken me as far as Cairo and Beirut, where I was touched by the region's immense hospitality and witnessed, once again, the way that culinary experiences help to unite us. When I travel to a new place, my first instinct is to go to the grocery store because how we eat tells a great deal about how we live. Along the way I've tasted delicious koshary, fattoush salad, and cheesy feteer in Egypt and amazing knafeh, shankleesh, and kibbeh nayyeh in Lebanon. I've loved guava paste, fresh fish, mofongo, and chicken with sofrito. Today I would describe my cooking aesthetic as middle America meets Middle East. I crave creamy beef stroganoff with tender chunks of chuck roast cooked with mushrooms and pearl onions over a steaming bed of buttered egg noodles, topped with fresh dill and paprika, just as much as I savor a four course mezze lunch with smokey baba ghanoush, labne, kibbeh, shish tawook, halabi kabob, lots of pita, and three kind of apricots. Above all, my goal is make guests feel welcome and celebratory, which to me means providing great conversation, delicious and abundant food, and an edible gift for the road.