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FrauleinChef Coreen Carroll


About FrauleinChef Coreen Carroll

Wilkommen! I’m Coreen. I was born and raised in Germany and then relocated to the United States as a teen with my parents in 1997. I graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in International Business. After leaving the corporate world and moving to San Francisco with my fiance and my cool ass cat Kenny Powers, I realized I needed a new creative release and decided to follow my lifelong food dreams and achieve a Culinary Arts Degree from the San Francisco Cooking School. After a stint as a butchers apprentice at 4505 Meats, I dove in head first and immediately began working as an in-home private chef, caterer to private parties, teaching assistant at SFCS and SF Cheese School and also as part of team Ronin with the Underground restaurant Sub Culture Dining Series. I also cofounded a cannabis edible company that went on to win Best Edible at the 2014 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup San Francisco. I have since been very involved in the Cannabis world creating a network of entrepreneurs that are excited about the industry while keeping their values high (no pun intended). I love nothing more than entertaining a house full of friends, both new and old, with amazing food, delicious drinks, excellent music and stories of life. Please join us anytime for a culinary experience like no other. The events I offer through Feastly represent my culture, my lifestyle and my passions. I look forward to share those with you.