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Franz Aliquo


About Franz Aliquo

NOW...you're here to understand why you should eat my food... So, let's begin; on the food end of stuff I created Flavor Tripping, an ongoing series of Bacchanalian food tasting smackdowns centered on miracle fruit, a West African berry that that numbs your sour tastebuds, turning everything eaten awesomely sweet, for a couple of hours. I'm the owner/creator of 666 Burger, a Satanic burger truck that sells the world's most expensive burger - The Doucheburger, and my secretive underground rare ingredient food events are being chronicles for a TV show on NatGeo. Born and raised in New York City, I've been cooking since I was 7, attended Stuyvesant High School, NYU and later Fordham Law School...all the while maintaining a catering company and throwing many inventive "underground" events. Despite my love of food and cooking, I spent a 7-year stint as a “big firm” lawyer, escaped the soul-crushing fate of most lawyers by changing careers, squirreling my way into the advertising industry where I now work as a Creative Director. In both my work and my food events I'm kinda in love with exploring the power of eating together to foster conversation and connections, as well as being interested in the intersection of analog and digital culture as it relates to entertainment/food and consumption of said entertainment, with the goal of changing the way people see/interact with the world. In addition to the food stuff, I'm responsible for (amongst other things): StreetWars, a 3 week long, 24/7 watergun assassination tournament; Rental Car Rally, a 36-hour, costumed, cross-country, point-to-point competitive road trip (it's like Halloween on wheels!); and a major network game show, currently in production.