Pop-Up Chef

Simone Wojtaszek


About Simone Wojtaszek

I'm new to the professional culinary scene, but have been the household’s cook since age 11. I’ve cooked my way around the world, having lived in India, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Germany, and Japan, as well as traveled to Morocco, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Sweden, the UK, France, Greece, Italy, Austria, Australia, and New Zealand. I’m also a certified yoga teacher, an avid rock climber, a distance cyclist, a perpetual nomad, and an urban farmer. My cooking philosophy is always evolving but right now I’m most inspired by Indian, Vietnamese, and Mexican dishes -- basically anything that combines chili, lime and cilantro! I’m the daughter of Polish immigrants as well, so I know a million ways to prepare beets, cabbage, potatoes and fish. And I love searching for healthy dessert recipes, especially with chocolate.