Pop-Up Chef

Sean Kasmir


About Sean Kasmir

My passion for cooking began as a kid, when I'd help my mom spend hours sweating over a hickory BBQ smoker in our backyard in Texas. She taught me to always appreciate good food, but it wasn't until coming to the Bay Area that I discovered what food is supposed to really taste like. I started going to so many farmers markets that I knew I had to go to culinary school. Working through the Laney College kitchen was a great way to hone my skills and master the basics. I was able to be certified as a food handler and later earned my managers level certification for food safety. My hard work and dedication enabled me to pursue an apprenticeship at The Local Butcher Shop. A nose to tail whole animal butcher shop in North Berkeley. I worked my way from apprentice, to sandwich cook, and became a retail butcher. My job is educating the customer and helping connect them to a sustainable way to eat their dinner. Working with local farms has taught how to appreciate and learn to cook the whole animal. I love the challenge and art of butchery so much that I've been working there for two years. When I'm not at the shop or visiting the local farms that supply our meat, I'm experimenting in my kitchen or hosting events in my yellow house in the Berkeley hills. Come relax in our rose garden and taste the flavors of local farms at our family-style dinners in my beautiful home!