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Michelle Hershman


About Michelle Hershman

I'm a food blogger, food lover, food eater. I've always been enthusiastic about eating, but it took me a little longer to become passionate about cooking because I wasn’t allowed to use the oven unsupervised as a child (thanks Mom!). My first cooking experience actually involved baking a cake in the microwave. Fast forward to college and law school where I found myself more interested in reading recipes than text books and went from making Easy Mac to preparing gourmet quesadillas and pastas for my fellow students. In 2007, I started a job with the Federal government, and my love of food reached an all-time high when I was sent to Paris for work. I spent four months eating creamy cheeses and crusty baguettes and frequenting farmer’s markets for fresh produce. I ate pasta in Italy, haggis in Scotland and street food in Istanbul. I vowed never again to eat a frozen dinner (and I haven't!). Now, I work as an attorney during the day and experiment with recipes for my food blog, Healthy Recipe Ecstasy (HRx), at night. I've also started to do some part-time catering and recently made my way back to Paris to take cooking classes. Overtime, my taste buds have changed, and though I still love carbs and cheese above all else, my health has become a priority. With a family history of diabetes and lactose and gluten intolerance, I've focused my cooking on food that's good for me and my family but still tastes amazing. I have an arsenal of gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, and I'm always looking to take my favorite meals or recent restaurant meals and give them an HRx twist.