Pop-Up Chef

Virgil Versoza


About Virgil Versoza

Hi, I'm Virgil, and when it comes down to food, everything is simple. For me, the most important subject when it comes to food is the culture. You can have a bad day at work or at home, then visit your favorite restaurant, enjoy your favorite meal along with your favorite beer, talk to your favorite server, then all that stress disappears. When it comes to my food, that feeling of comfort is what I translate best. I love cooking soul/comfort foods. I love all the flavors from the comfort of Southern cajun to more refined French-like creole, the hearty and rustic Spanish to intricate Japanese cuisine. I've been cooking all my life and have been cooking professionally since 2009. I'm looking to create my vision for a cultural shift in the restaurant industry. I would love for you to be apart of that. Thank you, Virgil Versoza.