Pop-Up Chef

Cindy Diep


About Cindy Diep

My parents have owned restaurants for as long as I can remember. Being restaurant owners they were usually always busy. However, cooking dinner together everyday was our quality family time. Dinner may have been at 5PM before they reopened for dinner and sometimes a little rushed but it was special for me. I truly believe there really is something magical that happens in the kitchen when you're cooking together and learning your tradition. The flavors of your culture and family as well as others. As I've grown throughout the years, I have dabbled in all sorts of cuisine. I am a foodie as much as I am a chef so I would try different foods and just followed my taste buds and let them take me to a new world. Flavors that intrigued me I would gather as much information as I could to help me understand and recreate that flavor. In hand, learning those traditions as I did my own. I would really love to share what I've learned and experienced throughout the years with my cooking.