Pop-Up Chef

Ursula Schnyder


About Ursula Schnyder

In order to be on fire, you have to burn for something. My fire for cooking and baking was first ignited when I was a little girl in Switzerland, assisting my mother in making delectable Zopf (braided Bernese bread) and the best assortment of Swiss cookies imaginable. My passion for culinary wizardry never left me, although I first embarked on careers in teaching and journalism. But true love always finds its way. Before and after graduating from the San Francisco Baking Institute's Professional Program, I had the privilege of training and working with amazingly talented and dedicated bakers, chocolatiers and dessert artists in Switzerland. They taught me what great dessert making is all about: Mastering one’s technique in order to create mind-blowing flavors, diverse textures, intricate shapes, and then combining them in ways that are deeply satisfying to our senses and soul. Most people eat with their eyes first, so the most memorable desserts are the ones that look as amazing as they taste. But presentation should never come first. Sweet55 seeks pure, flavorful elements before it finds ways to match the presentation to the food. Our Dark Matter chocolate line, featuring Grand Cru chocolates with high cocoa contents from around the world, is a prime example of this principle. The shape and appearance of Dark Matter chocolates are unassuming: A small dark square with a classic embossment marking its surface. No color – just a simple dark shape. After all, it’s about the chocolate, the pure and distinct flavors of this exceptional product, made with chocolate from single-origin cocoa beans. Why Sweet55’s exclusive focus on desserts? The possibilities for innovation with chocolates, pastries, milk, cream, cheese, herbs, flowers, spices, nuts, fruits, and other sweet essences - to name just a few of the building blocks that make our creations shine - are endless. I believe that desserts deserve a prominent role on the food stage. What would be more logical, therefore, than to relegate desserts from back stage to center stage, from last course to first? Let my fire ignite your taste buds. Let Sweet55 surprise you! Learn more and check out pictures from past events at www.sweet55.com