Pop-Up Chef

Dawn Garcia


About Dawn Garcia

We live each day in search of something. Something to set our souls on fire. Something to motivate us. Something to connect us. Something to inspire us. Something to change the way we see the world. That is how WHITE LIES + ALIBIS began ... DAWN GARCIA: Born in Santa Monica, she is a Publisher, Writer, Screenwriter and Lifestyle Personality. She has been a Guest Food Personality on Food Network, Cooking Channel and is in development of a new TV Show bringing White Lies + Alibis to life. She believes in inspiring others to live a cultured life, that food is the most personal thing we can share and finding cuisine with story and heart without compromising quality or soul is her purpose. These dinners are meant to inspire your senses and motivate a little sense of abandon ... CHEF RYAN RONDENO: Ryan is a soulful, award winning chef from New Orleans. His approach to fare is with a Michelin touch and a NOLA passion ... His ability to visualize a dinner that embodies the flavor and creativity you'd come to expect is unparalleled! Together, they have joined forces to create a dining experience that will awaken your senses and stir your curiosities ... EMAIL: eat@whiteliesandalibis.com