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sean thomas


About sean thomas

I'm in love with all things food, but first and foremost, I love eating it. For as long as I can remember, I've been 100% intrigued by food and the power that it has. I grew up in a huge, loud, and crazy Italian family where it almost seemed like the actual motivation for holidays and family gatherings was just so we could get down on the biggest feasts humanly possible - of which I have zero complaints. And although food is necessary for survival, I quickly realized that dining as a whole is critical in both family and community dynamics. Ultimately, I think this is why I became a professional chef. From a very young age, I was determined to learn to make my grandma's red sauce or be able mimic the mysterious flavor of the sukiyaki at Nagato Sukiyaki in my hometown of Sacramento. As time went on and the more cuisines and cultures I was exposed to, I became more and more curious and infatuated with the world of food. I began to understand the influence that one place may have had on the next and so on. It is this notion of social and geographic evolution that eventually shaped much of the food I make today. In a nutshell, my food tends to be an amalgamation of childhood memories, various travels, the influence of my mentors, genuine cultural curiosity, and a bit of experimentation. Just as I do in life, I try to present a plate, a dish, or a bite that somehow strikes a balance and harmony within all of these realms. I hope you dig it!