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Andie Leon


About Andie Leon

I am Andie Leon, Chef/ Author/ Recipe Consultant . This concept is a superfood cuisine that incorporates organic meats, fish, poultry and vegetables infused with superfoods such as acai, apricot kernels, camu camu, chia, cacao, dragon fruit, goji berries, golden berries, hemp, longan fruit, spirulina, pomegranates, maca, maqui, yacon and many more alongside flowers (for emotional healing), herbs and spices. A method of cooking that was co-created with nutritionist Susie Mooratoff. After struggling 17 years with a chronic eating disorder that almost took my life in various occasions, I turned to alternative treatments and the sport of boxing to overcome this disease. I discovered that by eating organic foods the negative patterns started to shift. When I introduced superfoods in my diet the long and painful road to recovery finally comes to an end. I decided to leave the film industry behind to focus on heal others that suffer similar conditions. Currently, I m a chef for Wholefoods Market, teaching their cooking demo’s and have participated in the food and wine festival (Los Angeles) for two consecutive years. The executive Chef for, The social Odyssey for emerging leaders. Andie works as a recipe consultant for varies cannabis companies and participated as a chef in the book, “The Cannabis Kitchen cook book”. Andie currently has a cooking show on, On Fit TV. Com. Andie was also the creator and chef of C2 Organics and caters Wedding and events across the country. In my 3 years studying for my Diploma in Performing Arts I covered subjects such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mediation, Pilates, yoga and attained my first degree in Reiki healing. Now I study holistic nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Raw nutrition with David Wolfe and has Completed Culinary School at “ Escoffier culinary school” Superfoods, focus on helping people improve organ function and many other medical conditions such as infertility in men and women, digestive disorders, stress, anxiety, cancer, insomnia, etc, alongside preventing many of these conditions. You will discover new energy levels, attain youthful and glowing skin, benefit the magic of ancient knowledge of food and plants as we help environmental issues caused by mistreatment of our food and animals that will in turn help you evolve to a higher state of being. .