Pop-Up Chef

Sasha Grumman


About Sasha Grumman

My cooking story began while watching Emeril, religiously. I was a mere 5 years old and reprimanding my mother for the way she was cooking a turkey on Thanksgiving day! I grew up in an Italian family and cooking and eating meals together was as normal as waking up and brushing your teeth. Eating together has been a powerful drive in the progression of my career and where I see myself in the future. I have been a professional cook for over 5 years. I attended culinary school in NYC through the FCI (now ICC) and enrolled in the Italian program. I started the program in NYC and finished in Italy. I worked in Rome for two months and I could not have imagined a more epic, yet grueling experience. Long days, few days off, but I was in love; in love with the camaraderie and the passion that filled that kitchen. I knew the food world was my new world. Sharing experiences is what human connection is all about. If I can give a group of people a memorable experience for a few hours, I have succeeded in the practices my family instilled in me, as a child.