Pop-Up Chef

Anna Voloshyna


About Anna Voloshyna

My greatest inspiration is creating food experiences that bring the world to the plate and become a story to remember. I was born and grew up in Ukraine and after moving to the United States six years ago, I developed a true passion for culinary arts. Closely involved in different aspects of the Bay Area food industry, I never stop being amazed and motivated to share my own vision of flavors and what’s behind them. The love of cooking translated into a food blog https://vivalafood.com/ that is an illustrated narrative of my kitchen path. Being a blogger and photographer, I’m insanely drawn to the beauty of culinary creations and the magic of food that unites people in the intimate yet common joy of having a meal together. New tastes, fantastic encounters, positive vibes, and deliciousness of living in the moment – that’s what I want my guests to feel. I believe that dining is similar to traveling, so get your palates ready and hearts open to a new foodie adventure!