Pop-Up Chef

Denise Vallejo


About Denise Vallejo

I’m a first generation Xicana chef with an extensive background in the occult sciences and Mexican folk medicine. Over the last ten years, I’ve worked as a private chef to vegan celebrities, managed all-vegan restaurant kitchens, and even owned a small batch vegan baking operation. I’ve been doing fine dining pop-up dinners since 2011, including a ground breaking, underground Latin-inspired vegan supper club I co-founded with some of my best chef friends. Back then everything was done the hard way, but we loved every moment. Feastly has made things much simpler now! I created Alchemy Organica as a platform to integrate my knowledge of ancestral plant wisdom & mystic traditions with my love of Mexican cuisine. Alchemy Organica focuses on the rich and complex gastronomic heritage of Mexico, where each dish is offered as testimony to the resiliency of its piquant flavors, and the indigenous ingredients that reach far back to the roots of ancient history. Through Alchemy Organica my intention is to inspire, heal, and nourish with Visionary Plant Food!