Pop-Up Chef

Ham Chookiat Saenguraiporn


About Ham Chookiat Saenguraiporn

My name is Ham Chookiat Saenguraiporn, a native of Bangkok, Thailand. I'm a restauranteur by day, a daddy of a toddler by night and a chef who turns ordinary food into art at events. For over a decade, I've routinely cooked for customers countless meal at restaurant. Now, I am starting a home cook journey with a vision to share with guests from my favorite comfort dishes along with a blend of my childhood favorites, experience, upbringing, and Thai culture. About my popup? - What I believe that separates me from other Thai restaurant is the intent to share my personal tastebuds through my cooking, a home cooking of those little known dishes that requires honest and care in making and a certain amount of effort in preparation. All that, gives the experience worth a visit and the price worth an experience. Thank you for taking a time to read and for the opportunity to share with you my cooking vision. My team and I look forward to share this experience with you. Cheers!