Pop-Up Chef

Christophe Goudy


About Christophe Goudy

We Are The Goudy's We're French, one is born and raise on the sea coast of Normandie and one from country side in Limousin. We've launched 2 years ago a online Charcuterie (sausages, cured meat, pates, rillette, foie gras, skewers, duck breast...). We are sourcing, producing and selling one of the best quality charcuterie delicacies in California. We're cooking at 4 hands for years now (+20 years) and we love manipulate flavors. We dedicate our cooking to showcase the large diversity in the French regional cooking such as Cassoulet, Blanquette de Veau (veal wine and cream stew), Boeuf Bourguignon (wine beef stew), Aligot Saucisse (mash potatoes with fresh cheese with a sausage knife cut meat) or Choucroute (Sauerkraut, sausage, smoke cured pork). We will be pleased to be your host and share with you the French culinary diversity and opulence. Last point! We are also passionate about two ingredients, Foie Gras and Truffle! and we love to manipulate these flavors during Holidays period. Fingers lickin' good!