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Estee Raviv


About Estee Raviv

My love of cooking and healthy food has been inspired by a life filled with art, travel and a world of cultures and experiences, all shared with family and friends. My name is Estee. Born in Israel, I grew up on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Meals when I was young were influenced by flavors of the Middle East, along with my Jewish heritage and the Eastern European traditions of my Romanian mother – an incredible cook and hostess – and Polish father. My culinary experiences were further enriched by my family’s travels around the world, exposing me to wonderfully diverse foods and traditions. I thank those travels in part for a life-time love of art and creative expression. Graphic design, gemology and art studies led to a successful high-end custom jewelry business in Israel, and, after my move to the United States with my husband and children, work with polymer clay and photography. (Yes, From Estee’s Kitchen recipe photos are my own!) Throughout it all, cooking has always been my passion and relaxation, providing a creative outlet much like my artwork – with delicious returns! Whether hosting guests from all over the world or teaching cooking classes in my home, I’ve found ways to spread the love for healthy, creative cooking. It’s always inspiring to share my knowledge with people that don’t have the same cooking experience, along with my belief that you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things and explore in the kitchen. It’s also great fun developing delicious vegan recipes that anyone can enjoy, and From Estee’s Kitchen offers the perfect way to “spread the love.” Today I live with my husband and three children in Portland, Oregon. Cooking and eating healthy is a way of life for me. Health-conscious myself, I teach my kids about the benefits of good, healthy meals and expose them to as much variety as possible. I develop all the recipes found on From Estee’s Kitchen, and my ever-supportive family joins in as willing taste-testers.