Pop-Up Chef

Jen Yakush


About Jen Yakush

Plain and simple, I enjoy cooking. At the end of a long day, my favorite way to unwind and clear my head is to cook dinner. Even better is when I have the opportunity to spend hours reading cookbooks and experimenting with a new dish or technique I've never tried before. I love combing through several recipes for the same dish, but I rarely stick to any one recipe--Definitely why baking is not my strong suit and why several of my friends grumble after they've just eaten a dish of mine they particularly liked--They already know without asking that I will never be able to share the recipe exactly as I made it. But the best is when I have the opportunity to bring together people and take hours to prepare a big meal that everyone enjoys, sitting around a table full of food, conversation, a little vino, and the sounds of mmm. I love hosting dinner parties, whether it is a Thai feast for friends and family or a Passover Seder for 35.