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Vik Thairani


About Vik Thairani

Cooking is an expression of the land where you are and the culture of that place. -Wolfgang Puck Born in India and raised in Calcutta, I spent a good amount of my childhood watching my grandmother cook. Far from a traditional cook, she taught me how fun Indian food could be when you added flavors from around the world. After moving to the US in 1997, I found myself missing many of my favorite dishes from Calcutta, and I’ve spent years trying to not only recreate some of the amazing favors I left behind, but trying to bring some of those ideas to modern California cuisine. My style of cooking is influenced as much by my Indian roots as it is by classical French techniques and modernist cooking. In my kitchen you’ll find everything from unique Indian spices to a sous vide. My goal is to provide an experience that will transport you back to the streets where I grew up, with dishes you won’t easily find on a traditional menu. I also love meeting different people with whom I can share my craft, and Feastly is a great way to share my passion. See you soon. Vik