Pop-Up Chef

Elizabeth Mehditach


About Elizabeth Mehditach

Elizabeth gleaned her inspiration of the exotic to familiar, growing up in the ethnic diversity of Hollywood, California. With it's wide-ranging ethnic restaurants, to the colorful people around her, her palette began to form from a very young age. This inspiration translates into what you see and taste in her unique fusion of American, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Latin, and Asian inspired menus. Our Angeleno menus use exotic herbs, spice blends, vegetables and cooking techniques from these cuisines to delight guests with unexpected nuances, enhanced flavors, colors and textures. Chef LĒZA, creates edible art with every plate, for every guest, every time. Her desserts mix classic French pastry and technique with innovative, novel cakes, so moist and delicious, flakey pastry, whimsical treats, (cookie cakes anyone!), and good ol’ American favorites.