10 Great Brunch Spots for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is May 11, so treat your mom to brunch at one of these spots, or even to one of these specific dishes, all hand-picked by our contributing chefs.

May 5, 2014 ● 2 min read


Pancakes at The Little Owl, "moist but fluffy and very flavorful," pancakes that are "big and hot off the griddle," says chef David Burke.


Brioche with prosciutto, gruyere, and egg at AOC, recommended by chef Kris Morningstar who loves the combo of brioche "slathered with butter," cooked on the deck of the wood oven, and topped with gruyere, frisée, prosciutto and a sunny egg.


Half & half at Mindy's HotChocolate, a "caffeine and sugar rush in one glass," that "really is decadence," says chef Ryan Poli.


Crispy soft poached Chip-in Farm egg at Russell House Tavern, an egg that's "crispy on the outside with a perfectly runny yolk inside," served with "an amazing Pecorino aioli," says chef Eric Gregory.


English custard soldiers at The Cavalier, "just the right portion of decadence," says chef Arnold Eric Wong.


Croque-madame at Cafe Presse, which is "one of the most consistently solid restaurants" in Seattle, says chef Josh Henderson, who thinks this dish is "an example of the simple, great food they excel at."


Strawberries and lardo at Swift's Attic, an unexpectedly delicious pairing says chef Takuya Matsumoto, and takes him to his "happy place."


Kentucky hot brown with griddled toast at Roost, recommended by chef Gabriel Rucker who says the combo of "griddled brioche toast layered with Mornay sauce, poached eggs, bacon, and tomatoes is the perfect brunch."


Housemade pop tarts at Michael's Genuine, a balanced combo of a flaky crust and local fruit "that's not overly sweet," says chef Dewey LoSasso.


Croque madame at Cafe Chloe, recommended by chef Chad White who says "I love coming here for brunch...In addition to the croque-madame, make sure to order the house-made gelatos."