Come Pregame The Miami Marathon With Us

The best kind of sneak snack attack, brought to you by Sanissimo.

January 22, 2019 ‚óŹ 1 min read

If the best things in life come in small packages, consider this the motherlode: we’ve partnered up with Sanissimo to bring your new favorite plays-nice-with-everything oven-baked corn cracker to the masses. 

We figured the best place to start was with a city full of hungry, amped up marathon runners looking to ease their pre-race jitters with guilt-free fuel—powered by the kinds of creative flavors chefs do best.  

We’ll be at 176 NW 24th St in Miami serving snack-sized elote from Chef Louis Robinson [Spice] from 11am-3pm, or until the masses clear us out. In the meantime, keep your eyes out for three more snack-sized recipes from a few of our favorites so you can hone your canapé prowess: ceviche from Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins [El Jardin], chicken tenders from Danica Aviles [Pinoy Heritage], and herby tomato salad from Eli Sussman [Samesa]. Consider it an excuse for an impromptu party or two.