The Regular: Curious George

Your friendly neighborhood grandpa.

February 28, 2019 ‚óŹ 1 min read

As told to Cassandra Landry | Illustration by Roman Muradov

A restaurant just isn’t a restaurant without its familiar faces. Yuka Loroi and her husband Kris Toliao own Cassava in San Francisco, an airy, 20-seat spot in the Richmond district, known for its under-the-radar brunch and bright pearlescent blue interior.

For the next installment of our column devoted to the regulars of beloved neighborhood institutions, Loroi introduces us to George, a chatty, golf-loving retiree who loves nothing more than discussing the news of the day and trading crossword clues with their staff. We handed the description over to illustrator Roman Murdadov to create a  portrait for the rest of us who don't know him. —CL

George has been coming in ever since we opened, seven years ago or so, and he still looks the same. Very tall and skinny, with full, white hair, Mediterranean features, blue eyes, and a diamond-shaped face. He usually has a golf cap on, and reading glasses, but only for the newspaper. He’s somewhere in his late 70s, and you can tell he was really beautiful when he was younger.

He’s retired—he used to work for a supermarket chain—and plays golf. He comes in to eat and read the newspaper; he loves the crossword. He’s very progressive and very keen on social issues. Every time Trump does something crazy, he brings in a clipping and is like, "Look at this!"

He has a very high-pitched voice, and he calls himself Talking George. If he’s going out of town, he’ll tell us beforehand “So you know I’m not dead!” He comes about three times a week and during weekend brunches, he’ll get a waffle plate, or the Cornish game hen and the bread pudding, and eat the whole thing himself. He might be skinny, but he always eats well.