Best Seat in the House: Butler Bakeshop, Brooklyn

Ginger Pierce, chef at Jams, New York, on one of her favorite spots to hit when she's on-the-go.

March 11, 2019 ‚óŹ 1 min read

By Richie Nakano | Photo courtesy of Butler Bakeshop 

Running a hotel kitchen is no small task—there are dozens of employees to manage, cavernous kitchens, banquets, and late night room service. Running a hotel kitchen while being a literal marathon-running mother of two is a task bordering on impossibility, and yet chef Ginger Pierce makes it look easy. But it's not without its challenges.

“Being a mom on the go, I eat most of my food out of a quart container or standing somewhere," she says. A favorite? Butler Bakeshop near the Williamsburg Bridge.

Where to sit:

"There’s a corner table I like to sit at, and on a nice day, there’s cafe seating outside. They have a to-go window if you’re on the run, but I like to sit in there and work on my computer if I have time–it has lots of windows, and it feels light and airy."

 When to go:

"It has a lot of versatility, I can hit the to-go window or sit in there, I can bring my kids, or take stuff to go for my cooks at work."

What to order:

"All their baked goods are really good, and they're not just delicious, they’re really interesting. They make everything in-house, and their creativity never gets away from them. I love their breakfast empanada with egg and cheese and pork."

What to drink:

"I survive on coffee and they have great coffee."

 Who to talk to:

"Ryan Butler is the chef and owner, and he’s this super talented dude that's been in the industry as long as me. He has a kid that's about the same age as my youngest son. He’s super friendly and always makes me feel welcome."

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