See What Happened When We Brought Chefs Feed to Life With Uber!

Last week we announced a contest with the Uber app to bring Chefs Feed to life for four people in Seattle, Washington DC, Toronto, and New York City. Here's a recap of what happened when four top chefs took out the lucky winners on a chef-guided tour of their city's best food.

June 10, 2014 ● 3 min read

Washington DC:

Hannah Berkman rolled out with Mike Isabella of Kapnos, Graffiato, and G, to Kapnos, Mandu, and The Source by Wolfgang Puck. She emailed us some fun notes on her evening, concluding: "The night was definitely one of the most memorable of my entire life, and I was pretty much grinning from ear to ear the entire time."

A few highlights: included the taramosalata dip and the duck pies at Kapnos, a walk-through of the kitchen with Mike, meeting up with chef Spike Mendelsohn and other chef friends of Mike's, and trying soju for the first time. She also noted how impressed she was with the camaraderie among the DC chefs that Mike expressed: "He was so complimentary of all of the people you would think he would be competitive with. It was a nice realization to have that that there's this level of friendship in a city that often feels competitive and cutthroat."

On having the Chefs Feed experience come to life: "Having the whole Chefs Feed experience in real life spoiled me! It was incredible having someone who knows food so well point out the best choices on the menu and explain each course to us. The nice thing about Chefs Feed is that it can give you a similar experience—even though you might not have the pleasure of dining with Mike Isabella, you can use the app to see what he and other talented chefs like to order at restaurants in your area."

Hannah's Tweet from the next day pretty much sums it up: "Woke up still completely full from last night. Thank you to @ManduDC, The Source by Wolfgang Puck, and @KapnosDC for the NOMS. #uberomakase"


Sean Power was the winner in Toronto, and rolled out with chef Rob Gentile (Buca, Bar Buca) to The Saint (food pictured above), Bar Isabel, and Bar Buca for dessert. "I couldn't have asked for a better night," he told us.

On having the Chefs Feed experience come to life: "It was a pleasure to catch a glimpse of Toronto through Rob's eyes. He helped me feel more connected to the Toronto scene, and, throughout the evening, gave us a glimpse of Toronto's potential as a city with world class restaurants."


Matthew Alcide said his night out with chef Joey Campanaro (The Little Owl, The Clam, Market Table) was "A blast. Chef Joey was an awesome host and showed us a great time!"


Chelsea Klukas had a night out with chef Jason Stratton (Artusi, Spinasse, Aragona) that included oysters at Boat Street (pictured), 
Canlis, and cocktails at Rumba.

Chelsea tracked the adventure with chef Stratton (@bambichronicles) all night on her Twitter feed:

Chelsea: "Shucking good time at #uberomakase w/ @bambichronicles @Uber_SEA & @chefsfeed"

Chelsea: "Loving @canlis where the piano player is playing Arcade Fire and I'm looking at the sun set on the mountains. #uberomakase #tgif"

Jason: "
Next stop on the #uberomakase experience. One of my faves in Seattle. @Uber_SEA onward to @RumbaSeattle! Thanks @chefsfeed @chelscore #rum"

Jason: "Final destination is @RockBoxSeattle for @Uber_SEA and @chefsfeed Seattle experience. Natch! #therewillbeprince #uberomakase @chelscore"

Chelsea: "I think @bambichronicles got good winners of the @Uber_SEA contest. He could have got, like, gluten frees or those who don't like prince."

Thank you to our partners at Uber, everyone who took time to enter, and to the chefs for bringing the Chefs Feed experience to life!