Best Seat In The House: Takashi, NYC

A butcher's tips on how to maximize a trip to this destination for all things grilled beef.

April 23, 2019 ‚óŹ 1 min read


By Richie Nakano

As an award-winning butcher, chef Nicole Gajadhar (Saxon & Parole) is one of the most qualified people around to judge a restaurant that specializes in the table-top grilling of all manner of cuts of meat. We caught up with her to learn about a special place that she truly loves in her hood, her neighborhood go-to Takashi in New York's West Village.

What to order:

“It's all beef, but they have tons of different cuts from A5 wagyu down to offal. They also have this amazing ramen night for the industry on the weekends with two seatings, at midnight and 1am. You can go over there after service and get a huge bowl of beef ramen with crispy intestines, foie, and a beer. And it's like, seventeen bucks.”

 Where to sit:

"It’s one of those places that's so unique because of the way it's situated. It’s in the West Village but its also very hidden and they have very limited seating.”

Who to talk to:

“I love the staff there. I've been going since they opened so they’ll come over and sit down with me and go over the menu, and chat. It’s very homey and friendly.”

What to drink:

“I like soju, since beer fills me up and then I don’t finish my food! They also have a great yuzu spritz and wine.”

[Editor's note: We had the pleasure of filming with Takashi Inoue, the visionary chef behind the restaurant before his passing in 2017, and he is dearly missed.]