Best Seat In The House: Tail Up Goat, Washington D.C.

Chef Kevin Tien shares his favorite spot for a low-key bar seat and a killer piece of toast.

May 20, 2019 ‚óŹ 1 min read

By Richie Nakano | Photo via Tail Up Goat

Getting nominated for a James Beard Award is enough to make most chefs' entire careers. Chef Kevin Tien already has three, along with the 2018 Food and Wine Best New Chef award to keep them company on his shelf. Running between his restaurants Himitsu, Emilie’s (in DC) and Hot Lola’s (in Ballston, VA) keeps him occupied, but when he can catch a rare window of time to sit down for a meal, he goes to Tail Up Goat.

“There’s no days off really, I just take them when I can get them, so this is the spot I go to for dinner,” says Tien.  

Where to sit:

“At Tail Up Goat, every seat is amazing. But I like to sit at the bar, in the seat that’s all the way at the end with a view of the kitchen. I like to be kinda tucked away and privately eat my meal. A lot of time when people sit at the bar it’s because they want a lot of attention from the bartender, but I like to keep it low key and just kind of be left alone. They’re really good at giving you the kind of service that you want.”

What to order:

“When I go to Tail Up Goat I usually wind up ordering the whole menu. I always order the salt cod fritters, because they’re consistently awesome. They do all the breads in house, so I always order a toast from them. Also, I have to get at least one of the pasta dishes.”

What to drink:

“I quit drinking this year, so even though Tail Up Goat has a great cocktail and wine program, something they do really well is non-alcoholics. I’m into their shrub based cocktails.”