Grab Your Headphones People, We Just Released Our Video Guide to Belize

Watch chef Nyesha Arrington explore this beautifully diverse and delicious country.

May 16, 2019 ‚óŹ 1 min read

If Belize isn’t on your list, we predict it will be approximately 30 seconds into watching our new video series sponsored by the Belize Tourism Board. Slip under the spell of its jeweled waters. Order room service coffee on a phone made out of a Conch shell, while gazing into its lush jungles. Take in your magical surroundings as you follow a local farmer to harvest cacao.

Does all of this sound like a trippy dream you’d try to explain to a friend? Well darlings, that’s truly the magical realism of Belize shining through. Just ask chef Nyesha Arrington, who took the adventure with us, and is your guide for the series. Follow along as she grabs quick bites in San Pedro, hops into a tiny plane and explores San Ignacio’s market, learning about the indigenous ingredients that flavor the cuisine of Belize. Get a peek into the unique food and musical culture of the Garifuna people. Let’s not forget the beaches, where there will be lots of snacking, feet planted firmly in the sand, before taking a dip into tropical waters.

Find episode one here. Want to create your own adventure? Head over to Nyesha’s Guide to Belize where you can find her top picks from the trip to add to your ChefsFeed List.