Today’s Catch: Maine New Shell Lobster at ChefsFeed Indie Week

5,600 indie lobstermen + hundreds of indie chefs + you!

May 20, 2019 ● 1 min read

Oh snap! (Crack?!) We are thrilled that Maine Lobster has gotten aboard the ChefsFeed Indie Week train to ensure that you get to eat delicious New Shell lobster at each and every dinner this year.

Besides the obvious–getting to eat the sweetest, most tender, baller lobster all year long­–we are proud to partner with these OGs of sustainability for a bunch of reasons! Long before sustainable seafood was an app or a catchy sticker, these guys were doing it right–a whopping 150 years ago! And they still are. All of Maine’s lobster catch is 100-percent hand-harvested one trap at a time to protect delicate marine habitat. They aren’t running a scary fish-vacuuming factory at the sea here people, just working hard to preserve their progressive multi-generational fishing traditions.

Now that it’s Maine New Shell Lobster season, this special delight will be featured in a dish during each CFIW event from here on out. Bonus for our chefs who are going to be shucking and cooking it for you: the thinner shell makes it easier to prep.

We’ve still got tickets left for the next event in Boston June 20-23, so snap yours up to get a taste, or check out ChefsFeed Indie Week in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland ME, Brooklyn, and Nashville.